The Best Budget Design Tips

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It’s no secret that interior design can be expensive to incorporate into your home budget. Even shopping online with can be hard because of all the choice! Even if you’re only looking at redecorating a single room, the costs can add up quickly. Do you want to buy carpeting or install hardwood to cover the floors? What paint colour will you choose? How much of it will you need to cover the space? Are you going to buy new furniture? What about new light fixtures and other accessories? Don’t forget about wall hangings and décor.

The idea of having to purchase all these items is overwhelming. When trying to do it all on a limited budget, it seems insurmountable, right? Not once you’ve learned our secrets

  1. Plan Before You Begin

While proper planning is essential for any home improvement project, its necessity increases tenfold when you’re working on a tight budget. After all, no one wants to find themselves in a situation where they’ve found the perfect couch only to discover that they don’t have enough money in their account or that the non-refundable corner cabinet they’ve ordered online won’t fit into the space. Doing a little legwork beforehand will drastically cut down on the likelihood of encountering an unpleasant surprise along the way.

First, find your design inspiration. Look at magazines and the internet to figure out what style you’d like to emulate in your design. Then, break the project down into its components – flooring, furniture, paint, accessories, and décor. Browse stores to get a solid idea on how much the components will cost. Be sure to take into account any associated costs like hiring handymen.

Once you have a price point in mind, take a look at your finances. Be honest about how much you have available for spending. If that amount falls short of your project price point, set aside a manageable amount of money each week until you reach your goal. It may take longer than charging purchases on a credit card, but you’ll thank yourself later.

  1. Repurpose What You Already Have

There’s no denying that repurposing your old design elements won’t be as exciting as waiting for all new pieces to arrive from the store. But, with a little bit of elbow grease and an investment in free time, it’s possible to totally transform the look of almost any component of your interior design. Plus, it will allow you to save money for must-have purchases later on.

Look around your existing space and think of out-side the box ways to repurpose items that you’re currently using. Do you really need all new kitchen cabinets or can you just get them refaced? Are there hardwood floors underneath the current carpeting? Can you freshen up your old bedroom suit by giving it a new coat of paint?

As you begin to get a feel for what you can repurpose, do your research. Chances are that you’ll be able to find DIY guides for most of the projects. Be sure to study the guides thoroughly before starting a project and continue to consult it as you go. Ask a handy friend or family member to provide guidance, if possible.

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Making Your House More Homely

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A house provides shelter, but a home is where you weather all of life’s little storms — and revel in the sunshine. Here are a few of our favourite things that transform a mere shelter into a safe haven. You can head out to any furniture store in Virginia and fill a house with stuff – but life isn’t about the stuff sometimes, even though that’s a fun trip!

  1. The people – and other creatures – you share it with
    Your kids are in the backyard playing fetch with the dog and your husband’s tinkering with something in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the cat’s napping on your keyboard, again. Everyone going about their business gives your home the unmistakable buzz of life. And that’s just as it should be.
  2. All the noise
    A house full of creatures, furry and human, doesn’t come without its fair share of racket. Your kid’s practicing the same three chords over and over (and over) and the TV’s blaring from the other room. Pots clanging, dogs barking, doors banging, kids shouting, and even the occasional arguing. The sounds of togetherness aren’t always soothing, but your house can feel empty without them.
  3. … And lack thereof
    Then sometimes, there’s peaceful, blissful silence. Everyone’s asleep or absorbed in his or her own activities. Even better, you’re home alone. Come in and shut the door against the din of your bustling town. Now take a deep sigh. Ahh. That’s better.
  4. The rituals you create
    From standing Saturday movie nights complete with popcorn to your annual Independence Day bash, the traditions you keep with family and friends create fond memories — and get everyone looking forward to making more.
  5. The smells of good food cooking
    For many folks, a house isn’t a home until it’s been cooked in. From the wafting aroma of slow-cooking stew to the mouthwatering smells of baking cookies, every meal you stir up in your home is nourishment for both body and soul.
  6. The dings, scratches, and flaws
    No, you’ll never be able to get the wine stains out of your linen table cloth, nor will you ever get around to buffing those rings out of the coffee table. And that’s okay, because a perfect house is just staged, after all. It’s an empty showroom where no one actually lives. You work hard. You play hard. Be proud of all the evidence.
  7. The endless to-do list
    Speaking of imperfections, your house always seems to be one or two projects away from being complete. Once you get that light fixture changed out and that bathroom renovated, you’ll finally be able to relax, right? Keep dreaming. As long as you’re interested in making your mark on something, those project ideas will keep coming. And that’s a good thing.
  8. And the constant mess
    No, you probably won’t be able to walk across the living room floor without stepping on a Lego or little plastic dinosaur. And, yes, your kids are guaranteed to muddy your newly mopped floors within moments. Getting the house in order is a Sisyphean task, but, hey, we all need dreams.


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Why You Should Go For Expert Carpet Cleaners

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Carpets do look like they need the skills of a professional to completely clean it up. However, there are other owners out there that are too stubborn to hire professionals. There are various reasons. Some of them think they can do it on their own, based on the DIY tutorials shown online. Others think that it is a complete waste of money when carpets can simply be vacuumed. If you want to save your carpet from getting soiled, dirtied and even completely unusable in the future, you should just hire professionals instead. The carpet cleaner Stratford upon Avon are very famous experts that are not only capable of cleaning carpets, they are also reputable for giving the best upholstery cleaning service, too.

Aside from simply hiring experts or professionals for upholstery and carpet cleaning, you should look for companies that are certified by the IICRC or the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This is an international organization that establishes a set of standards that is followed by its members. It means that every member follows the established standards on how to treat and clean upholstery and carpets. Companies that do not possess the IICRC certificate are not compliant with the quality standard, thus only telling its clients that their services are not regulated. However, do keep in mind that the processes involved in cleaning upholstery and carpets are not regulated by any government body. It is because of this reason that the IICRC is there. It is a body that ensures the professionals or companies are doing their job the right way.

Hiring professionals for cleaning carpets and upholstery may be common amongst commercial and business areas, but they are also highly recommended in residences, too. The reason why carpet owners must hire professional companies instead of handling the cleaning and treatment all on their own is to save money. This may seem counter-intuitive, seeing that you have to pay for services done by professionals. What’s more, professionals can get expensive, depending on the level of their skills and experience. Yet, it is also because of this reason that most carpet owners hold back because they want to save money, too. So they decide to clean the carpets by themselves. This can lead to very bad results, especially when you have no idea how to properly clean carpets. It will even cost more when the carpets get damaged that they can no longer be repaired. It can also be when carpets are not removed of the soils during the process of cleaning.

When there is no certification and training that conducts the carpet cleaning, the cleaner might pick the wrong detergent to use on the carpet, not to mention even choosing the wrong equipment. Some homeowners just treat carpets like linen when it is soiled or have become matted, they just perform their own removable without the right way of doing it.

Doing carpet cleaning by yourself is not recommended. Make sure that you hire an IICRC certified professional for it.

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