Types of Access Control: Gates

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Access control is a very wide ranging term as it covers from a simple remote control to a networked swipe access system for large commercial premises. These systems unlock doors, open gates, barriers or bollards and the right type of products that suit your needs. Electronic systems can be used for both the home and the workplace and there are lot of type of access control available. We’ve listed some of the most popular available below:

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems can be from a simple wired handset placed within the home or a wireless GSM type system that will allow you to grant access from1-4 the property from anywhere in the world. There are basic models that you can find from companies such as cityautomation.co.uk and these are built in keypads for coded access. There’s a standard handset with a touchscreen video unit that compliments the modern look of the home. You can choose these or even wireless video intercom, wireless audio intercom, GSM intercoms and IP intercoms. Hardwire audio or video intercoms are also available and the company you use can assist you with choosing the right products to use.


These are a nice and simple way of controlling access through doors, gates and other controlled environments in the home. You have to give out the code for people to gain access which allows for maximum privacy as only trusted individuals can then access through the gates without your say so. Only those who know the codes can gain access to the area being controlled and multiple codes can be added to certain keypads along with time profiles which only allow access during certain times to certain people. Full control is then retained by the homeowner or business to let in the gardener or staff at certain times only. This means that the site can be kept secure at all other times.

Induction Loops

There are companies out there such as cityautomation.co.uk that offer induction loops as an effective method of opening gates, barriers and bollards. There is a wire that is either slot cut into a tarmac road or laid in a frame under block paving which is then wired back to a loop detector. A vehicle induction loop detects metal above it, which then opens the gate by way of a car driving over it. These are used mainly when it comes to exiting a commercial environment letting people out of car parks and such with minimal fuss. They are also used on bollards and barriers as safety functions around the automation to ensure the bollard does not rise up or the barrier come down on a car.

Swipe Readers

Using a key fob for swipe access are most popular in the workplace and external office gates and doors. Swipe readers are similar to induction loops except the wire is not buried under the ground, the key fob or card is used. These are very beneficial to large corporations especially when it comes to health and safety as they can monitor who comes in and out of the building at all times. This also helps to monitor clocking in and out times for different company employees. Unwanted visitors then are unable to wander in as they please which optimises security.

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Top Tips to Avoiding Plumbing Emergencies

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Mother Nature is one of the most incredible forces in our world and also one of the most terrible. Things that we take for granted every day are things that can actually kill us: the water we drink, the air we breathe, the fire used to heat our homes, it’s all part of nature. The air around us is perfectly balanced so we can breathe it but when whipped into a frenzy can turn into tornadoes that rip apart homes and towns. The fire that heats our water boilers and our pipes turning our living rooms into toasty dens during colder months, can spark and burn that cosy house down. The water that we drink every day is harmless when controlled out of a tap, but when the heavens open and the rains fall if that is in its excess, can ruin homes, lives and even kill.

Imagine you’re in the shower and it’s a very cold winter day outside. You’re getting ready for work and all of a sudden the hot water turns into brown, smelly sludge, meaning you are no longer clean or even getting ready for work; you’re calling a professional in to sort your shower out! A home can become miserable and even uninhabitable if it is freezing cold and the water supply has failed, and the problem can just get worse and worse, with frozen pipes thawing and leaking and drains becoming backed-up with dirty water. Making sure you have a decent plumbing company on speed dial like www.1stportercall.co.uk is an essential to your home!

Of course, if you have plumbing and drainage cover with your insurance, then you won’t have to worry about these issues and plumbing emergencies can cover your belongings and help pay toward your new piping. There’s a lot that can go wrong in the home when it comes to your plumbing and being vigilant about these issues is important. For example, you might not notice a broken radiator for months especially throughout the summer when the radiators are turned off, but once you turn your central heating on, a cold radiator will become incredibly obvious!

To avoid any radiator related issues, test your radiators when the weather is still relatively pleasant, so you can bleed or clean them before you need your central heating and that way you can ensure you won’t run into any issues. Did you know that frozen pipes are among the most common winter home emergencies? These are also disastrous if they happen. Considering water has the unique talent of expanding when frozen, pipes can pop in the walls and under the sinks if the pipes freeze! When the water thaws out, the pipes then leak which in some cases can cause utter devastation to a home.

By making sure you don’t pour grease and oil down the drains, you can make sure that you don’t cause a blockage. Fat and grease dropped down a drain can cause a substantial blockage and can completely block the drains and pipes in the cold weather if it freezes.

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How to Look for the Best Window Cleaning Service

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When looking for a window cleaning provider at henleypropertyservices.com, it matters that you know what are the things that you need to look into before you decide who should be tasked with the job. There are some professionals that may be available around, but you have to look for those that can be expected to get your windows cleaned effectively, thoroughly, and efficiently on a regular basis.

It can get daunting when you have to decide who it is you should consider getting assistance from. This is why a lot of people would want to have a checklist that they can refer to which would help serve as their basis for deciding whether a certain provider would be worth getting assistance from or not. So, here are some of the few things that you need to take into consideration before you decide to tap the services of a window cleaning provider.

Make sure that the company is licensed. You need assurance that you are referring to a firm that is licensed and certified and is recognized in the field. You need proof that you are looking at people who are recognized to be legit providers in the industry. A good indication that they are is when they can show you proof of their license and their certificate. They must comply with the requirements that your state has set as well.


Make sure that the provider is insured. You need to remember that window cleaning is considered to be a very risky job. Naturally, you want to be sure that the people who will be working on the premises for you are well protected. It is always very important that you will look for those that carry employee compensation and liability insurance too. Never hire a cleaner without insurance even when he offers his services at a very low price.

There are a lot of companies that are operating these days that may not carry insurance. They are licensed, yes. But they may not have the necessary coverage. The reason for this is because insurance is indeed expensive. This is also why you should go for those who are insured as this is a very good indication that these are providers that take the whole business operation very seriously.

They need to be experienced. You need assurance that you are looking at people who have managed to stay in the service for a long time. Exposure to the field will always be a good way to ensure that the workers who will be extending their assistance to you are going to know exactly what it is that they have to do it ensure that they get you assisted in the most efficient manner possible.

Check their fees. You need to know how much they will subject you to if you are going to tap their assistance while you are looking for the cheapest service there is, you are certainly looking for the most reasonably priced offer without the quality of the service getting affected. So, do shop around.

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